Antike Colliers & Ketten für Damen

Ob Biedermeier, Jugendstil oder Art Déco, in Gold oder Silber: Vertrauen Sie bei antiken Damen-Colliers und Halsketten auf 30 Jahren Erfahrung. Annodazumal - Ihr Online-Shop für traumhaften Antikschmuck.

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In our rich collection of antique and modern jewelry are involved beautiful colliers and necklaces. Created in past centuries, especially in the Art Nouveau and Art Déco periods, but also in the middle of the 19th or 20th century. They are made in high quality gold or silver and are filled with different kinds of precious and semi precious stones in nearly all colors. Especially precious are old cut diamonds, but we also offer necklaces with beautiful tourmalines, deep green emaralds, sapphires and dark garnets. Different designs for different tastes. A rich offer, which is regularly updated.

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