Antiker Perlenschmuck - Perlenketten, Damenringe & mehr

Ob Jugendstil oder Art Déco, Perlenkette oder herrlich besetzter Damenring: Vertrauen Sie bei antiken Perlenschmuck auf 30 Jahren Erfahrung. Annodazumal - Ihr Online-Shop für traumhaften Antikschmuck.

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Pearls, pearls, pearls... Wonderful, mysteriously shimmering nature creations, transformed into beautiful jewels. The oldest pearl-jewels are about 7000 years old! In this category you will find necklaces, colliers, pendants, brooches, earrings and rings. Here a lover of pearls will find a wonderful panoply: Small seed pearls, huge barocque pearls, perfectly rounded noble pearls, soft formed Akoya-pearls, beautiful pearl drops. In white, champaign or dark grey. Pure or in combination with precious or semi precious stones.

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