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The porcelain manufactory of Meissen is considered to be the cradle of European porcelain, producing crockery of exquisite quality for more than 300 years. The factory was founded in 1710 by decree of Augustus the Strong, and for nearly 150 years the production site of Meissener porcelain was situated in Albrechtsburg Castle in the heart of the small Saxon town. From the electoral reign over the Royal Saxon domination to the state-owned enterprise of the GDR, Meissen porcelain has been manufactured to the highest standard of quality for centuries, and the crossed swords have come to represent trusted porcelain worldwide. From very early on, Meissen Porcelain offered crockery of a higher standard than the classical, and today antique Meissen Porcelain as well as new collections holds the status of a luxury item worldwide.

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For centuries, the production of porcelain for crockery or vases was considered to be an Asian speciality, before alchemists began to experiment with European porcelain manufacturing in the early 18th century. The Kaolin selected as the basis for Meissen porcelain has its origins in the mountain mines of the nearby Ore Mountains, and was characterised by a subtle material nature, which constituted an ideal basis for high quality and durable porcelain. Through industrial production that began in the 18th century, the Meissen Porcelain factory was able to increase production without losing the quality of manual manufacturing. In addition to the great tradition of Meissen porcelain and the preservation of manufacturing quality for centuries, creative artists and designers are to be thanked for the unique character of Meissen crockery. From antique to modern, genuine Meissen porcelain can be instantly identified by its rich patterns and decorations.


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Meissen porcelain is still regarded as a status symbol and can be found in countless households throughout the country. Antique crafted dishes with a great history serve primarily as an investment and as decorative objects in cabinets and display cases, while newer collections find their place on a raised table in the dining room or the living room. Meissen porcelain prices are traditionally high, in proportion to the exclusive quality of the crockery, but a quick look online can reveal some charming offers. Our online store specialises in Meissen porcelain and invites all admirers of the Meissen Porcelain manufactory to order exquisite pieces and collections at an attractive price. With each piece of Meissen crockery from our store comes a distinctive piece of German tradition and history, the quality of which is unique among European porcelain.