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Our antique shop "anno dazumal" (from a bygone age) in the heart of the old town of Celle is a small but attractive family-run business.

Christiane and Wilfried Pioch discovered their passion for antiques more than 30 years ago. Their son Phillip has been infected by this passion and, together with his parents, is now managing the company as its second generation. The team is rounded off by their colleague Johanna, who takes loving care of the Internet shop and photographs the antiques.

For the Piochs their adventure in the world of antiques began with the restoration of the old furniture they sold in their first shop. Little by little they began to delight in the antique jewelry and silverware which today can be admired and bought in their picturesque Rabengasse store. The Piochs are also collectors themselves and the windows of the antique shop are often decorated with beautiful dolls and miniature furniture from Christiane's extensive doll collection. In the run-up to Christmas this attracts crowds of admiring passers-by. In addition to kids and grandparents with grandchildren, the sight of these not-for-sale treasures also fascinates adults, who would love to have them for themselves.

A simple look through the shop window shows the dedication with which the couple surround themselves with antique objects. Lovingly arranged objects and decorations make visiting their shop a memorable experience. The Piochs select their wares with a great deal of joy and passion, the objects also have to appeal to them personally. As a result they derive a great deal of pleasure simply from being in the shop, and they often admit that they have difficulty parting from some of their antiques: "It's not just selling goods, it's more like saying goodbye to old friends."

They also pass this enthusiasm on to their customers, many of whom have been paying regular visits to the shop for years. They also maintain good contacts with dealers from abroad who always have precious antiques on offer. However, most of the beautiful objects they sell have been purchased from customers.

Many dealers in gold calculate only in terms of the value of the material, but here the focus is very much on the ornament itself and its history. The Piochs try to preserve as much of this is possible. Carefully cleaned and lovingly restored or repaired they are passed on to new owners who share their love for antiques and appreciate their qualities. In collaboration with a goldsmith missing gems are expertly replaced and many ornaments are restored with skill and imagination. Any modifications required by the purchaser are free of charge, so customers receive their rings made to measure. Jewellery is only melted down if it is absolutely impossible to restore it.

Just as much care is taken with antique silverware. Everything which can't be painstakingly cleaned and polished by Christiane Pioch is passed onto specialists. Sometimes the antiques even travel as far as England! The effort is worth it to the Piochs because it enables them to maintain and pass on the beauty of bygone eras.

They sell their goods both in the antique shop in Celle and on the Internet. Almost any item which can be shipped is available for purchase online. The online shop is updated daily and new goods are added every week, complete with a detailed description and informative photos. The Internet provides access to customers from all around the world, and the online shop receives many visits. Customers from Germany receive a special service: for them shipping is free! Shipping within the EU is inexpensive at 9.95 EUR, no matter how large or heavy the selected goods are, and low-cost shipping is also available worldwide. 

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Posted by anno dazumal on Montag, 24. Februar 2014