Biedermeier (or Biedermacher period) refers to the period of time not only important for jewelry design, which began around 1815 and ended around 1850. The term "Biedermeier" is based on a fictional character, the somewhat bourgeois bourgeois character of Gottlieb Biedermaier, who is characterized by a simple disposition.

One of the defining characteristics of the era was the increased retreat into private life, people were looking for happiness in the family. The focus was on a cozy living culture, cosiness, security, love & loyalty and also being related to nature and had an impact on the jewelry creations.

Jewelery was valued more as an ideal, sentimental treasure, and people also lived by a “less is more” - although of course economic aspects also played a role: a brooch with a few pearls, gold or silver in a floral design, a simple one with small ones A tiara decorated with rubies or a brooch or pendant in which, for example, curls of hair or portraits with the addition of resin, coral, plaster, foam gold or tombac were made into souvenirs.